What to Do When You Can’t Backup Your Google Glass Files - dummies

What to Do When You Can’t Backup Your Google Glass Files

If you can’t use the Auto Backup feature to back up one or more files from your Glass to your Google+ Auto Backup account, here are some ideas:

  • Turn off your Glass, turn it back on, and see whether Auto Backup works the way you expect.

  • If you have a large number of files to back up, especially pictures and videos that take up a lot of space, these files back up automatically when you charge your Glass while the device has an active Wi-Fi connection.

    When you try to back up while Glass is running on battery power, the backup process goes much more slowly, and the battery may run out of power before the backup is completed.

  • Check your Google+ account settings to ensure that you have enough space in your Auto Backup account to accommodate all the files you want to back up. The default amount of space in your backup account is 15GB.

    You should receive a notification from Google when you’re running low on space, but if you don’t (or if you’re just curious about how much room you have left), you can find out how to pay for 100GB and 200GB plans at Google.

  • Connect your Glass to your computer and then sync your pictures, videos, and other files to your computer.