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Use Your Voice to Dictate to Google Glass

Though some teenagers may beg to differ, perhaps the most natural way to communicate with someone is to speak to him or her. Google designed Glass so you don’t have to use the touchpad if you don’t want to; you can just speak commands to your Glass.

When you start Glass and view the Home screen, the text is there to encourage you to speak “OK Glass” aloud. After you say “OK Glass,” the Glass microphone recognizes your command and opens a menu of voice-command options.


You can move through the menu by tilting your head up and down. As you move your head, Glass moves the menu of voice commands to follow your head movement. When you’re ready, say “OK Glass” again and speak a command from the menu, and Glass responds.

Voice commands include the following:

  • Google”: Glass performs a Google search. You could say, for example, “OK Glass, Google current time in San Francisco.”

  • “Take a picture”: Glass immediately takes a picture of what appears on its screen, adds the photo to a card, and places that card on the timeline. This voice command may be the one you use most often.

  • “Record a video”: Glass records a ten-second video of what appears in front of the camera. You can extend that time by tapping the touchpad and then choosing Extend Video from the menu or by pressing the Camera button.

  • “Get directions to…”: If you’re using your Glass with a smartphone that’s running the MyGlass app, you see turn-by-turn directions to your destination from your current location. Saying “OK Glass, get directions to San Francisco,” for example, returns a screen with directions to The City.

  • “Send a message to…”: If you’re using an Android smartphone with your Glass, this command sends an instant message to the phone number that’s associated with the name of the contact. (If you’re using an iPhone or a Wi-Fi connection, Glass sends an e-mail message instead.) Saying “OK Glass, send message to Jane Doe” opens a screen where you can speak the message that you want to send to Ms. Doe.

  • “Make a call to…”: This command begins a call to the phone number that’s associated with the name of your contact. Saying “OK Glass, make a call to John Smith” calls the phone number that’s contained within John Smith’s contact record.

  • “Make a video call to…”: This command lets you share what you’re seeing or doing with a contact who has a Google+ account.

Voice recognition on Glass isn’t perfect (yet), so if your Glass can’t recognize what you’re saying, or if you’d rather not tilt your head up and down and speak the commands you see on the menu, tap the Home screen; swipe forward and backward through the available menu options; and select an option by tapping the touchpad.