Use the Mirror API to Develop Your Glassware - dummies

Use the Mirror API to Develop Your Glassware

Google recommends that you use the Mirror API to start developing your Glassware because you can write the code in a variety of programming languages, such as Java, PHP, and .NET.

Before you start, check out the Quick Start demo project to see how Mirror API code works and get cues for building your own Glassware from that sample code. You can view the Quick Start project on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You need to have an existing web server so you can run your Glassware. You also need to know the address of the website where your Glassware project is stored so you can access that website from Glass and test your Glassware.

Start by visiting the Google Developers website to find Quick Start projects in each of the six programming languages that Google uses for the mobile API:

Each website tells you how to access the Quick Start project for that language. For this example, look at a Quick Start project that shows you how basic functions work in the Mirror API.

Here’s how to find and run the project that tests the Mirror API functionality on Glass:

  1. Navigate to the demo app in your web browser.

    An OAuth 2.0 permission request screen appears.

  2. Type the account username and password.

    This account should be the same account that you use to access Glass.

  3. Click or tap the OK button.

  4. Look at the controls of the project website and experiment with the features of the Mirror API.

    The timeline items appear on the Glass screen.