Troubleshooting Tethering Issues with Your Google Glass

If you’re using Glass with your Android smartphone or iPhone to connect to a cellphone provider’s Internet network, you know that when your Wi-Fi connection isn’t available, you can use your tethered data connection to the provider’s network. (That is, you can if you’re in range of a cellphone tower’s signal.)

If your Glass says that you’re connected to the Internet but you can’t do anything Internet-related, such as browse the web or check your e-mail inbox, you can forget the data connection in much the same way that you can a Wi-Fi connection. Then you can restart the data connection and see whether your Glass can use the Internet.

On an Android smartphone

If you have an Android smartphone, here’s how to forget the data connection and restart it:

  1. Tap the Settings card in the timeline.

  2. Tap the More Settings card.

  3. Tap Mobile Networks.

  4. Turn off your data connection by clearing the check box in the Data Enabled section.

  5. Wait about 20 seconds and then reestablish the data connection by checking the Data Enabled check box.

On an iPhone

If you have an iPhone, here’s how to turn the data connection off and on again:

  1. Open the Settings screen.

  2. Tap Cellular.

  3. Swipe the Cellular Data button from right to left.

  4. Wait about 20 seconds and then reestablish the data connection by swiping the Cellular Data button from left to right.

If you’re using another computing device that has a working Internet connection — such as a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer — you can also  check for documentation on the device provider’s website.