Troubleshooting General Problems with Google Glass - dummies

Troubleshooting General Problems with Google Glass

One good fix for any misbehaving computing device is to close it down and restart it. Glass is no different. You can hard-reset the device by holding your finger on the power button for 15 seconds, no matter what you’re viewing onscreen. After 15 seconds, you hear a higher-to-lower chime. Release the touchpad.

When Glass turns off, wait a few seconds, turn Glass back on, and see whether the problem is solved.

If not, the last resort is to perform a factory reset that restores Glass to its original factory settings. Here’s how:

  1. Tap the Settings card in the timeline.

  2. Tap the Device Info Settings card.

  3. Choose Factory Reset from the menu.

    A warning onscreen tells you that you’ll lose all data unless you’ve backed up that data to an external source such as Google+ Auto Backup.

If you want to save any data stored on your Glass, such as pictures and videos, be sure to check your Google+ Auto Backup account on another device, such as your smartphone or computer, to confirm the photos and videos are there.

Begin the restoration process by selecting Yes on the screen. After your device’s factory settings are restored, you can start setting up your accounts, connections, and apps.