Tour the Google Glass Timeline - dummies

Tour the Google Glass Timeline

When you wake up your Glass, you see the timeline screen. Notifications on this screen appear as rows of cards. Cards can contain text such as e-mail and instant messages, images, and/or videos. The figure shows examples of cards on the timeline screen.


To the left of the Home screen (shown at center in the figure), you see an area including cards that contain current or future information, such as upcoming events on your calendar, as well as any pinned cards that you want to access quickly.

To the right of the Home screen are cards that contain notifications you received in the past, such as e-mail messages.

When Glass adds a new card, that card appears as the first card on the Home screen; older cards move one place to the right. You can move through the row of cards by dragging your finger on the touchpad. You can view more information within a displayed card by tapping the touchpad.