The Google Glass Settings Card Bundle - dummies

The Google Glass Settings Card Bundle

It’s easy to access a list of Settings cards from the Home screen and then set up your Wi-Fi connection. But setting up Wi-Fi connections is just one of the things you can do on Glass. You can find the Settings bundle by swiping backward on the touchpad until you see the bundle.


You can tell that you’re looking at a bundle because the top-right corner of the card contains a white right triangle and the card itself displays the battery status.

When you tap the Settings card bundle, you see several individual settings cards:

  • Wifi: The Wifi Settings card shows the status of your Wi-Fi network connection.

  • Bluetooth: The Bluetooth Settings card shows the status of the active connection with a Bluetooth device.

  • Device Info: The Device Info Settings card gives you vital information about your Glass, including storage and operating system.

  • Head Wake Up: The Head Wake Up Settings card allows you to set the angle at which you need to tilt your head to turn on the screen.

  • On-Head Detection: The On-Head Detection Settings card turns Glass on as soon as you put it on your head.

  • Screen Lock: The Screen Lock Settings card allows you to set a pattern-based password and lock the screen whenever you take Glass off your head or deactivate the device. When you put Glass back on your head or activate it, you need to enter the pattern on your touchpad to access screens and functions.

  • Wink: The Wink Settings card allows you to activate the Wink feature, which lets you take a photo by winking your right eye — even if the Glass display is off.

  • Volume: The Volume card shows the current volume level of your speaker as a percentage.