The 3 Setup Options of Google Glass

When you put Google Glass on your head and power it on for the first time, you see the Glass logo screen, followed by a welcome screen. The welcome screen asks you to start the setup process by swiping forward on the touchpad.

After you swipe forward, you see a screen that says , which means that Glass acknowledges that you know how to swipe forward on the touchpad. Start the swiping tutorial process by swiping forward on the touchpad once more. Then follow these steps:

  1. Respond to the tutorial’s animation and onscreen request () by swiping down on the touchpad.

    A new screen says and asks you to swipe forward.

  2. Proceed to the next step by swiping forward on the touchpad.

    The next screen features an animation that shows you how to tap the touchpad.

  3. Tap the touchpad to go to the next step.

    The next screen shows a menu that asks how you want to set up your Glass.


  4. Tap the setup option you want.