Key Features of Google Glass - dummies

Key Features of Google Glass

Before putting your Glass on your head, you should familiarize yourself with all the features that the device offers. To start mastering something, you must understand the basics. The figure shows the basic key features of Glass:

  • Display: The display shows you all the information that’s available on your Glass, including e-mails, pictures, videos, and any other content.

  • Camera button: Press and release this button to take a photo. If you hold the button down, Glass starts to record a video.

  • Touchpad: On the right side of Glass is a flat surface called the touchpad, which allows you to navigate among the screens you see in the display. Swipe forward and backward to navigate the Glass timeline, which displays your current and past activities, or swipe down to return to the previous screen.

    You can also start Google voice search, which allows you to search the web. Tap the touchpad three times slowly when the display is off, and speak your search terms into your Glass. If you’re at the Home screen, you can start voice search by saying “OK Glass, Google …” followed by your search term.

  • USB/power connector: The USB/power connector is on the bottom of the Glass unit, near the end of the touchpad. Attach the USB cable to charge Glass, or attach the power connector to connect your Glass with your computer to exchange files.

  • Power button: On the inner right side, near the end of the touchpad, is a button that turns your Glass on and off. Press the button to power your device on or shut it down.

  • LED: The LED, located on the back of the touchpad, displays white light when Glass is charging, starting up, or shutting down. The LED also blinks slowly while you’re charging the device.

  • Speaker: This oval speaker, engraved with the Glass logo, delivers all the sounds from the device.

  • Battery: At the bottom-left side of the frame is the battery that powers your device.

  • Frame: The Glass frame is extremely durable and can be bent to fit any face. Try it.

  • Nose pads: Those little things in the middle of the frame are there to keep your Glass from falling off your head. Feel free to adjust the pads to suit your needs.

    [Credit: @Wiley/Michael E. Trent]
    Credit: @Wiley/Michael E. Trent