How to Turn Google Glass On and Off - dummies

How to Turn Google Glass On and Off

The first time you turn on a new device, you get a warm feeling that something new is happening and that you’re a part of it. So do this:

  1. Press the power button firmly.

    The LED behind the button turns on and stays on while Glass starts up. After the device boots successfully, the display turns on, and you hear a rising chime sound.


  2. To turn off your Glass, press the power button until you hear a falling chime sound.

    That’s it.

Whenever Glass is turned on, you can set either of these options at any time:

  • Head Wake Up: This option is on by default. When you tilt your head up at a specified angle, your Glass turns the screen on and waits for your orders.

  • On-Head Detection: This feature tells Glass whether or not you’re wearing it. Glass turns off when you take it off your head so that nothing bad will happen if you accidentally tap the device while you’re giving it a break.

If your Glass isn’t responding to your commands, you can fully power it down (that is, perform a hard reset) and then restart it by holding the power button down for 15 seconds. After Glass shuts down, restart the device by pressing the power button again.

You may also see a low-battery warning — perhaps the most annoying message of all on any battery-powered device. Until humans invent a power source that provides an infinite supply of energy, you’ll see a message similar to the one shown every time Glass gets hungry. When Glass runs out of battery power, it powers itself down automatically.


Fear not — this shutdown is normal behavior. Just connect your charger to Glass. When the device has enough power, it turns on again automatically.