How to Take Action While in a Google Glass Hangout - dummies

How to Take Action While in a Google Glass Hangout

While you’re in a Hangout, a Google Glass videoconference, you can perform other tasks, such as check your timeline for an appointment on your calendar. When you do, your camera is muted (that is, turned off), and other Hangout participants won’t be able to see your point of view.

Your audio is still on, however, so your Hangout participants will be able to hear you. You can re-enter the video call and unmute your camera by tapping the active video-call card on the left side of the Home screen.

During your Hangout, you can do a variety of other things by tapping the touchpad and then choosing one of these options from the menu:

  • People: See a list of people who are in the video call with you.

  • Leave: Exit the Hangout. If you’re the person who started the Hangout, the Hangout ends for all participants when you leave.

  • Invite: Add people or circles up to a maximum of ten contacts.

  • Mute Mic: Deactivate the microphone so that Hangout participants can’t hear you.

  • Mute Video: Deactivate the camera so that Hangout participants can’t see what’s on your screen. (You may want to participants know that you’re turning off your video before you do this so that they don’t wonder what happened to you.)