How to Switch Your Google Glass Frames - dummies

How to Switch Your Google Glass Frames

The frame that came with your Google Glass may not be exactly to your liking. If not, you can purchase a new frame for $225 (plus tax) at Google. With your new frame, you also get a hard-body case, screwdriver, cleaning cloth, and extra nose pads.

What’s more, Google has now made four titanium frames available with your prescription lenses so you can see clearly and get the advantages of Glass. You can see all the frames online.

If you want to affix prescription lenses to your titanium frame, you need to talk with your eye care provider and/or visit a Glass Preferred Provider to have him or her install your lenses. Google recommends lenses cut within +4 to –4 with astigmatism up to 2D. Go online for a list of Glass Preferred Providers.

You should check with your vision insurance company to see whether the company will cover the cost of your new Glass frame with prescription lenses. At this writing, only Vision Service Plan has announced support for the new Glass titanium frame.

Off with the old

As soon as you get your new frame, remove the old one by following these steps:

  1. Remove the screw on the inside of the device with a Torx T4 screwdriver.

    You can purchase a Torx T4 screwdriver at any hardware store (online or bricks-and-mortar).

  2. Grip the frame with your left hand and the pod with your right hand.

    Google refers to the side of Glass that contains the camera, screen, speaker, and other circuitry as the pod.

  3. Gently lift the pod off the frame.

    You see the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) identification number on the inside of the frame.

On with the new

To attach the new frame, follow these steps:

  1. Grip the frame with your left hand and the pod with your right hand.

  2. Align the screw hole in the frame with the screw hole on the pod.

  3. While holding the frame and pod together with your right hand, place the screw in the frame hole, and use a Torx T4 screwdriver to screw the frame and pod together.