How to Resolve Google Glass Operations Errors - dummies

How to Resolve Google Glass Operations Errors

You might find that certain functions aren’t working on Google Glass. If so, here are some ideas for resolving problems with dead pixels and frozen apps.

You see dead pixels

Google works hard to ensure that all the pixels on each Glass function properly when the device comes out of the factory. As with any technology, however, problems happen, and you may be the unlucky owner of a Glass that has one or more dead pixels.

Dead, in this context, means that the pixels are black or unlit no matter what comes up onscreen. At best, dead pixels are really annoying; at worst, they obscure important information.

If you see dead pixels, don’t hesitate to visit the Google Glass Help site and contact a Glass Guide. Google offers a 30-day warranty, so if your Glass is damaged or not working correctly, move quickly to get a replacement device.

My map is frozen

Sometimes, an app stalls after an upgrade. You may see stalling issues with the Maps app after an update, for example, because of Bluetooth synchronization issues between your Glass and your smartphone.

The solution is straightforward: On your smartphone, turn off Bluetooth. When Glass tells you that the Bluetooth connection is forgotten, reestablish the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone.