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How to Receive E-Mail Messages from Your Google Glass

E-mail is a very popular way of sending information, so Google Glass lets you send and receive e-mail messages. If your contact has only an e-mail address and no phone number or any other contact information, such as a Google account, Glass sends messages for that person to his or her e-mail address automatically.

When you receive an incoming e-mail message, Glass plays a unique chime, even if the display is off. Here’s how to read and respond to e-mail:

  1. Turn on the display by tapping the touchpad or using Head Wake Up.

    The e-mail card appears, as shown, including the e-mail Subject line, a snippet of the message, and photos of you and/or the recipient (if those photos exist).


  2. Tap the touchpad and then choose one of the following options from the resulting menu:

    • Read More: Read more of the message if it’s too long to fit on the screen.

    • Reply: Open the Reply screen so that you can speak a reply and then send it to the recipient.

    • Archive: Save the message to Glass and delete the message from the timeline.

    • Read Aloud: Have Glass read the displayed message snippet to you.

    • Star: Mark the message as one of your favorites.

    • Delete: Delete the message from the timeline.

  3. Swipe down on the touchpad to close the menu.

  4. To close the e-mail card and return to the timeline, swipe down on the touchpad while you’re viewing the e-mail card.

If your e-mail message is part of a thread (related messages about the same topic), the e-mail message card appears as a bundled card. You can read all the messages in the thread by tapping the card and then swiping backward and forward on the touchpad.