How to Pair Google Glass with Bluetooth Devices - dummies

How to Pair Google Glass with Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth connections require each device to be discoverable. In the case of Google Glass, you have to tell your smartphone that you want to pair it with your Glass. To see how this process works, connect (pair) your smartphone and your Glass via Bluetooth by following these steps:

1Open the Bluetooth Settings screen on your smartphone.

To check the current Bluetooth status of your Glass, tap the Settings bundle card and then tap the Bluetooth Settings card.

2On your smartphone, select Search for Devices. When the smartphone finds the device, tap Glass Device in the list of available devices.

On your smartphone’s screen, you see the Bluetooth Pairing Request window, which includes a passkey. On the screen of your Glass, you see a card with the same passkey.

3Make sure that the passkeys on your Glass and your smartphone match.

If the passkeys don’t match, you should contact your smartphone manufacturer and/or a Glass Guide for more assistance.

4Pair the devices by tapping the Pair button on your smartphone and then tapping the touchpad on your Glass.

Glass displays a card stating that pairing was successful. After a few seconds, Glass returns you to the Bluetooth Settings card.