How to Manage Your Google Glass Contact List - dummies

How to Manage Your Google Glass Contact List

One of the cards on the MyGlass home page lets you add a contact, because Google recognizes that you’ll often want to contact your friends via voice call, video call, or instant message. Google also knows that you’ll likely prefer telling your Glass to call people to fumbling for your smartphone.


If you don’t have a Google Contacts database, you can set one up for free. You can access your contacts list from your favorite web browser, as well as synchronize your contacts with other programs and devices.

To make your life even easier, Google allows you to import contacts from your Google Contacts database to your Glass by using the MyGlass website or the MyGlass app on your smartphone. When you initiate a voice call, video call, or instant message, your Glass shows a list of your contacts so you can scroll to and select the desired contact.

You can access your imported contacts from the Google Contacts database only by using the touchpad; you can’t use the voice feature. That is, when you send a message, you need to scroll through the contact list by swiping backward and forward on the touchpad. When you find the contact you want, tap the touchpad.

Unfortunately, at this writing, MyGlass can store no more than ten contacts that you add within Glass. If your MyGlass contact database is full and you want to add another contact, you have to remove an existing contact first.