How to Get Directions on Your Google Glass - dummies

How to Get Directions on Your Google Glass

Before you try to get directions on your Glass, be sure that you’ve done three things: Installed the MyGlass app and enabled GPS location services on your smartphone; paired Glass with your smartphone; and connected Glass to the Internet.

When everything’s in place, give the built-in navigation app a try by asking Glass for directions to a major city. By default, the directions you see are those for driving to your destination.

The Google Maps view is good, but it doesn’t give you precise directions. To augment a map with a route, for example, say “OK Glass, get directions to San Francisco.” The route information card appears, as shown on the right side of the figure.


This card lists your current location, the name of the next street or exit you need to take, the turn direction, and the distance to the turn, as well as how long it will take to get to your destination.

To close the Google Maps or route information screen, just tap the touchpad and then choose Stop from the menu that appears.

Even if you take your Glass off your head or turn the screen off while the navigation app is running, the app continues to run in the background, and whenever new directions occur, Glass plays those directions over its speaker.