How to Check Out a Neighborhood with Google Glass - dummies

How to Check Out a Neighborhood with Google Glass

Because Google Glass is connected to the GPS locator on your smartphone, your phone keeps track not only of where you are, but also of what interesting attractions are nearby. After all, Google doesn’t want you to miss any photos you can take with Glass and share with your family members and friends.

When an attraction is near you, a card on the timeline shows that attraction. If your phone finds several attractions in your area, you see a card bundle, as shown.


View the attractions as individual cards by tapping the bundle or (if only one attraction is nearby) view the attraction’s card in the timeline.


If you want to find certain types of attractions or businesses, such as a coffee shop where you can relax and catch up on your e-mail, just say something like “OK Glass, get directions to a coffee shop.”

The resulting Google Maps page shows a list of all the coffee shops near your current location. You can scroll up and down the list of coffee shops and then tap a name in the list to get directions to that coffee shop.