How to Capture Videos with Google Glass - dummies

How to Capture Videos with Google Glass

Like the cameras on most smartphones sold today, the camera on your Google Glass allows you to take videos. Capturing videos with your Glass is similar to taking pictures. You have a choice of three ways to start recording:

  • At the Home screen, say “OK Glass, record a video.”

  • Press and hold the Camera button for 1 second. (This button is in the top- right corner of the Glass frame, above your right eye.)

  • At the Home screen, tap the touchpad and then choose Record Video from the menu.


While Glass is recording your video, you see that video on your display, as well as a time counter. By default, Glass records video clips for 10 seconds and then stops recording automatically, but you can extend recording time, as we discuss in the next section.

When you finish recording your video, it appears as a card on your timeline, and it also appears in your Auto Backup album on Google+.

Extending a recording

The reason for the “10-second rule” for video recording on Glass is that Google thinks you’ll want to take brief videos and share them immediately. Recording videos longer than 10 seconds is both possible and easy, though.

Recording requires a lot of processing power. As a result, the longer you record a video, the hotter the Glass device gets. If your Glass gets too hot, it may become too uncomfortable for you to wear and may also start to behave erratically. Keep a close eye (pun unintended) on the temperature of your Glass, and stop recording when it heats up.

You have two ways to extend a recording:

  • While the video is recording, press the Camera button.

  • Tap the touchpad and then choose Extend Video from the menu that appears.

    The progress bar at the bottom of the display disappears, and Glass continues to record until you tell it to stop or until you run out of battery power or file storage.

Even if you used the “OK Glass” voice command to start recording, you have to use your hands to extend or stop the recording.


Stopping a recording

You can stop recording in either of two ways, depending on how you’re recording:

  • If you’re making a default 10-second recording and want to stop recording before the time limit expires, tap the touchpad, swipe through the video menu, and then choose Stop Recording from the menu.

  • If you’re making an extended recording (see the preceding section), press the Camera button once. You can also choose Stop Recording from the menu as you would with a 10-second video.

When you stop recording, the prompt appears at the bottom of the screen. If you want to share the video with or send the video to one of your contacts or people in a Google+ circle, say “OK Glass, share with. . .” followed by the name of your contact or circle.


Playing video

After you record a video, it appears on your Glass timeline as a card. Tapping the card opens a menu that offers the following choices:

  • Play: Plays the video from the beginning.

  • Share: Opens another menu that allows you to share the video with one or more contacts, Google+ friends, or various social networks via Glassware apps.

  • Delete: Removes the video from your timeline and from your Glass.


You can always pause playback by tapping the touchpad and resume playback by tapping the touchpad again. Also, while the video is playing, you can swipe backward on the touchpad to rewind and swipe forward to skip boring parts.