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How Google Glass Fits into Your Life

Several Google Glass applications (apps, for short) have been developed to make users’ lives easier. The catalog of apps is always changing. Following are a few of the apps that might fit into your lifestyle:

  • SMARTSign: This app teaches American Sign Language (ASL) to Glass wearers.

    The app was designed to help parents communicate with their hearing-impaired or deaf children and also teach ASL to their other children who can hear. Visit the SMARTSign website.

  • Field Trip: This app for Glass displays information about a nearby point of interest.

    If you’re near a landmark, you see information on your Glass about that landmark. You can also find out about destinations you’re thinking about visiting, such as a new restaurant in town.

    Yes, you can do the same things with your smartphone, but the process is more cumbersome than seeing the information about your landmark or destination as you’re looking at it in real time. You can get more information and activate the app online.

  • Question-Answer and Memento: Through its OpenGlass project, Dapper Vision has developed two apps to help the visually impaired and blind “see” what Google Glass is seeing.

    The Question-Answer app allows the user to take a picture of what his or her Glass is looking at and then sends the picture to a social networking site such as Twitter. When someone responds with a description of the picture, Glass reads that response to the user.

    The other app, Memento, allows a user to record voice commentary about a specific scene and then plays the commentary when a visually impaired user wearing Glass visits the scene. You can get more information about these apps online.

More Glass apps are being developed daily. Be sure to visit the apps’ websites and the MyGlass website.