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How Does Google Glass Differ from Other Mobile Devices?

Google Glass competes not only with other wearable computing glasses, but also with other mobile devices, including smartphones and smartwatches. Yet Glass is the most convenient wearable device produced to date and gives you the broadest access.

With Glass, for example, you don’t need to move multiple parts of your body to fish for your smartphone, keep the phone in your hand, and then hold your arm up to your ear for a while. Those maneuvers can be more painful than just moving your head and using your voice with Glass.

What’s more, you can have a live video conversation with someone else, and that other person sees what your Glass camera sees.

In the case of a smartwatch, you have to move your wrist to your mouth (and possibly roll up your sleeve) so you can talk into the phone or see what’s happening on the screen. Smartphone screens are relatively small, and smartwatch screens have to be even smaller to fit on your wrist, so your eyes may be strained.

The Glass screen looks like a 25-inch television screen that’s 8 feet away from you, so you don’t strain to see things.

You’ll still be talking on Google Glass in public as you would on a smartphone or smartwatch, of course, and you should follow proper etiquette when using your Glass.