Generate a Quick Response Code for a Hidden Wi-Fi Network - dummies

Generate a Quick Response Code for a Hidden Wi-Fi Network

You can create a QR code for two types of Wi-Fi networks: an open network, which doesn’t require a password, and an encrypted (or hidden) network, which requires a password. To create a QR code for a hidden network, follow these steps:

1Tap or click the My Wifi Networks card on the home page.

The Add Network card appears.

2At the bottom of the card, tap or click the Encryption Type text link.

Type your wireless network name in the MyWifiNetwork field.

3Type the password in the password field.

Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

4Select the Wi-Fi encryption method by tapping or clicking the WPA/WPA2 button.

You see three encryption options in the drop-down menu: None, WPA/WPA2, and WEB.

5Select the appropriate encryption method.

If you don’t know which encryption method the network uses and/or the network password, consult the staff of the location that offers the Wi-Fi service.

6Tap or click Generate Code.

This link is active only when you’ve entered all the information for your Wi-Fi network. If the link is disabled, check your settings to ensure that you named your network properly, selected the correct encryption method, and entered a password (if necessary).

After you select Generate Code, a QR code appears onscreen. This code allows you to add the Wi-Fi network.