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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Google Glass

The Google Glass Help website contains several articles that answer frequently asked questions (FAQs). You can view the FAQs in various categories at Google support. The Help page, shown here, displays the categories. By default, the Get Started category is open, listing the topics within the category.


You can view topics within a category by clicking or tapping the category name. View more information about a topic by clicking or tapping its name in the list; an article on that topic appears so you can find out whether the information it contains answers your question.

In some articles, a Next Steps section appears at the end; click or tap the links in that section to read articles that contain related information.


To the right of each help article is a list of links to related articles. Above the article is a gray bar, the left end of which contains a breadcrumb-style navigation system that shows where you are in the help system.

The page you’re on appears as a highlighted link at the right end of the breadcrumb list, and parent page links appear to the left of the current page. Go to the page by clicking or tapping the link in the breadcrumb list.

You can also search for a particular topic by typing the character(s) and/or word(s) in the Search Google Glass Help box at the top of any page on the help website. After you type the character(s) or word(s), begin searching by clicking or tapping the blue search button to the right of the search box.