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10 Things to Tell People about Google Glass

You may already know all about Glass, but if you’re explaining it to a family member, friend, or even a perfect stranger, you may want to have some talking points at the ready to persuade other people that Glass is worth using — and possibly worth buying.

Here are ten good talking points you can use to give others a good idea of what they can expect with Glass.

Glass puts power, not weight, on your head

The Glass hardware shows just how tiny technology has become. The lightweight frame has a speaker, Wi-Fi radio, camera, screen, and touchpad that you can put right on your head.

You can use your voice . . .

Google Glass allows you to manipulate what you see on the screen and search for information online by using your voice to speak commands such as “OK Glass, Google . . . ” to search the web by using Google.

. . . and your fingers

The touchpad on the side of the unit next to your right ear allows you to manipulate what you see onscreen by using only one or two fingers and tapping, swiping, and/or holding the screen. Swiping in different directions does different things, such as closing a card.

Glass gets out of your way

You can turn off the Glass’s screen so that it doesn’t get in your way when you don’t need it. Turn the screen back on by tapping the touchpad or tilting your head up.

Taking pictures is easy

You don’t need to fumble for your smartphone in your pocket to take a picture when something photoworthy is happening. You can take a picture immediately on your Glass by saying “OK Glass, take a picture.” You can also activate the Wink feature and then take a picture by winking your right eye.

You can connect in many ways

You can connect Glass to your smartphone to make voice calls and even video calls. Glass also makes it easy to connect with others on social media sites such as Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Glass gives you travel directions

Glass shows you a map of where you are and directions to your location no matter whether you’re driving, riding public transit, biking, or walking.

You can talk like a local

When you’re in a foreign country and want to make an effort to speak like a local, you can ask Glass how to say something by asking a question, such as “OK Glass, Google . . . how do you say ‘Where is the nearest coffee house’ in Slovenian?” Glass shows the translated words onscreen and says the translated words so you can repeat them to the person you’re talking to.


You can customize Glass

Glass comes in five colors, so there’s a device to match your style. What’s more, you can get clear and shaded shields to protect your eyes, and more prescription lenses for Glass are becoming available all the time. Different frames may be available by the time you read this article.

Glass can use apps

You can find plenty of apps for use specifically on Glass, and many more are coming on the market every day. You can access and download Glass apps from your computer by searching for MyGlass in your favorite search engine or downloading the MyGlass app to your smartphone.