Record a Video on the iPod nano 5th Generation - dummies

Record a Video on the iPod nano 5th Generation

The iPod nano 5th generation has a new feature —the ability to record a video. The video feature on the new iPod nano enables you to record up to 2GB of video content that you can edit and share with friends. If you want to post them on YouTube or Facebook, you don’t even need to convert them. Just move them to your PC and upload to the Web.

  1. Turn on your 5th Gen iPod nano and select Video Camera from the main menu.

    The screen changes to a viewfinder showing you what will be recorded. Line up the initial image you want. You can record in Landscape or Portrait position.

    Remember that the camera and microphone are located on the bottom right corner of the back of the nano. Be careful how you position your fingers so that you’re not blocking either one.

  2. Press the Center button to begin recording.

    You’ll notice a red light blinking away on the right side of the viewfinder while the camera records.

    The camera can record up to 2GB of video, which is quite a bit. Once the 2GB limit is reached, the camera will turn itself off.

  3. Press the Center button to end recording.

  4. At the Video Camera menu, press and hold the Center button.

    The display screen will divide into 4 sections each showing a different special effect.

  5. Browse through the available special effects and select one you like.

    Select an effect by turning the Click Wheel and then pressing the Center button when you find the right one.

  6. Press the Center button a second time to begin recording a new video using the selected effect.

    The special effects setting will stay turned on until you leave the Video Camera screen.

  7. Press Menu and then select Camera Roll.

    Your recent videos are listed here. To see older videos, select Videos from the main menu.