Five Nifty Travel Apps for the iPod touch - dummies

Five Nifty Travel Apps for the iPod touch

By Tony Bove

Part of iPod touch For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Are you ready for your next trip? If so, travel apps for the iPod touch can help you find your way around if you get lost, clue you in on the weather, and tell your friends where you are at any given moment. Consider your iPod touch your handy little tour guide and travel buddy.

  • Flashlight: (Free) Flashlight fills your screen with a bright white light, which is perfect for dark places, such as concerts. You can use your iPod touch as a flashlight to find a seat.

  • FlightTrack: (Not free) FlightTrack offers real-time status info for flights from around the world, with live weather updates, route maps, gate numbers, and information about delays and cancellations.

  • HearPlanet: (Free) Turn your iPod touch into an audio tour guide. HearPlanet plays audio tracks of Wikipedia articles based on points of interest surrounding your current location. It offers both the text and audio of the Wikipedia article.

  • Foursquare: (Free) Foursquare lets you see where your friends are, learn about places they frequent, and unlock rewards as you travel through cities and check into locations.

  • Showtimes: (Free) Showtimes first locates where you are (the location of your iPod touch), and then provides relevant local movie theater information, show times, movie descriptions, movie ticket purchasing capabilities, and trailers.