How to Turn On NFC on Your Phone - dummies

How to Turn On NFC on Your Phone

By Robert R. Sabella

Part of NFC For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can’t use NFC on your smartphone until you turn the support on (unless it’s an Apple smartphone whose support is always on, but in that case, you use NFC only for payments in the Apple operating environment). On the plus side, this requirement means that you can’t accidentally start an NFC conversation (even though that’s already difficult, given the close proximity needed to have a conversation).

However, you must take specific action to turn the support on before you can use NFC to perform tasks. In general, you need to perform these generic steps to turn on the support:

  1. Access the settings for your smartphone.

  2. Locate the communication settings.

  3. Change the NFC setting so that it reads as on instead of off.

    Some smartphones, such as the Windows Phone, include separate settings for each NFC activity, such as sharing information and paying for products. You must turn on each activity separately.

  4. Exit the settings.

Of course, your smartphone may require a little more interaction than these generic steps provide. Here are a few of the more common smartphone sites where you can find specific instructions for your phone: