Installing TuxPaint on Your Raspberry Pi - dummies

Installing TuxPaint on Your Raspberry Pi

By Richard Wentk

TuxPaint is a fun drawing toy for your Raspberry Pi. You can pick a color, draw lines and shapes, scribble with your mouse, and play with copying and pasting.

Like most Pi software, it’s free! But it isn’t already installed on your Pi, so you have to download it first.

You can install TuxPaint in the usual way from the command line. Open the desktop first. (If you don’t already have it open, type startx and press Enter.)

Next, type the following. Don’t forget to press Enter at the end of each line!

sudo apt‐get update

After a while, the green and blue command prompt reappears.

If you’re in a hurry, you can skip the update step. It makes sure that you get the latest, newest, and shiniest version of TuxPaint. But the authors of TuxPaint don’t update it very often, so it’s fine to skip straight to the install step.

At the prompt, type

sudo apt‐get –y install tuxpaint

and press Enter. The installer buries the screen under many messages, all of which you can ignore.

Because Linux is kind of dumb and needs the right magic words in small letters with no spaces, don’t make any mistakes or other changes. For example, the last word must be tuxpaint — no more, and no less. TUXPAINT, TuxPaint, tux paint, or taxpint won’t work!

TuxPaint is a big download. Even if you have good fast broadband, it will take your Pi about five minutes to copy it from the Internet and install it.

If you have a very slow Internet connection, it can take much longer. If you’re stuck with dial‐up, it could take half an hour or more. As long as stuff is happening on the screen, your Pi is working. You will see the main prompt again . . . eventually.