How to Add More Sprites in Scratch on the Raspberry Pi - dummies

How to Add More Sprites in Scratch on the Raspberry Pi

By Richard Wentk

You can use Scratch on your Raspberry Pi to make simple games and tell stories. To tell a story, you can move sprites around the stage, but you probably still have just the one sprite. And you can’t do much with one sprite, so you need to make some more.

Look under the stage. There are three New Sprite buttons. You can use them to

  • Paint a new sprite. Click this button to open the paint editor and use the tools to draw a costume. You get a new sprite for free.

  • Load a sprite. Click this button to show the costumes. When you pick a costume and click OK, Scratch makes a new sprite wearing the costume.

  • Make a surprise sprite. This makes a random sprite, which means Scratch picks one for you. This option is the laziest and craziest because you never know what you’re going to get.

When you make a new sprite, Scratch gives it a random position, which means it’s not usually dead center on the stage. This positioning makes it less likely to hide sprites under it. You can drag sprites on the stage with your mouse.

Working with sprites

To select a sprite, click it. The Scripts and Costumes areas in the middle of the window change to show you the scripts and costumes for that sprite. When you make a new sprite, the scripts box for it is empty.

If you make different scripts and costumes for different sprites, you can switch between them by clicking the sprites under the stage.

Getting rid of sprites

Sometimes you make a sprite, play with it, and decide you don’t want it. To get rid of it, right‐click it and choose Delete from the menu that appears. If you change your mind, you can choose Edit→Undelete in the main menu to bring it — but only as long as you don’t do anything else.

Copying sprites

To copy a sprite, right‐click it and choose Duplicate from the menu that appears. When you copy a sprite, Scratch does the following:

  • Adds a new sprite to the sprite list.

  • Copies all the costumes.

  • Copies all the scripts.

That last copy is more important than it looks. If you make some scripts to make a sprite move and then you copy it, the new sprite will move in exactly the same ways. Sometimes you want this. Sometimes you don’t. Either way, it’s good to remember that you get new copies of all the scripts in the original sprite.