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How Set Up Your Raspberry Pi with Raspbian

By Richard Wentk

To set up your Raspberry Pi with the operating system Raspbian, you have to use something called NOOBS. NOOBS (New Out Of the Box Software — but NOOTBS didn’t work, so NOOBS it is) is a free tool for installing operating systems. To set up your Pi, follow these steps.

  1. Buy a memory card with NOOBS on it.

  2. Plug the memory card into your Pi.

  3. Power up the Pi.

  4. Follow the instructions shown by NOOBS to install Raspbian.

  5. Restart the Pi.

  6. Use Raspbian from then on.

After you follow these steps, NOOBS hides. It’s still on the memory card, but your Pi ignores it and launches straight into Raspbian, as if that’s all it’s ever known.

If you bought a Pi starter kit with a memory card, it probably came with NOOBS already on it. If you didn’t, you can buy cards with NOOBS from various suppliers by searching for — go on, you can guess — NOOBS.

Make sure you buy the right card. If you buy the wrong card, it won’t fit in your Pi, and you won’t be able to use NOOBS or Raspbian. For a Model A or B Pi, buy an SD card, or a microSD card with an SD adaptor. For a Model A+ or B+ Pi or a Pi 2, buy a microSD card. (If it comes with an adaptor, keep it — it may be useful later.)