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5 Helpful Raspberry Pi Websites

By Richard Wentk

The Raspberry Pi is all over the web, so it’s easy to find help and inspirational ideas for projects. But some sites are more useful than others. Here are some good sites to explore when you’re getting started.

Sites come and go. The sites are live as the book goes to press, but they may not be live when you read it a few months or a year later. Just so you know. . . .

  • The Raspberry Pi Foundation: The original and best Pi site, by the inventors of the Pi. Visit the Resources link to find projects and hang out on the forums to get help and advice from other Pi users. The Community tab takes you to other useful Pi sites.

  • The Geek Gurl Diaries: You don’t have to be a gurl to enjoy Carrie Anne Philbin’s Geek Gurl Diaries video series. You don’t even have to be much of a geek. But you do have to take an interest in Pi projects of all kinds, from beginner to intermediate levels.

  • ModMyPi: This small UK retailer has built a reputation for tutorials and advanced projects, such as the tough DiddyBorg rolling PiBot. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, you can find an impressive collection of Pi tutorials here.

  • Coder Project: Google’s Coder project is yet another alternative OS. After you install it on an SD card, it turns your Pi into a simple web server without any of the usual fuss with Linux commands and ­permissions. It also includes a handy browser‐based editor for web design.

  • Wolfram Mathematica: High school and college Pi fans can experiment with Mathematica, which is a math programming and exploration tool that usually costs plenty of money but comes free with the Pi. The community pages at Wolfram, who make and sell Mathematica, have useful tips and project reports.

There’s so much happening in Pi‐land that the best way to keep up with developments is to search for “Raspberry Pi projects” and “Raspberry Pi news” every month or so to see what’s happening.