Your Laptop Keyboard Fn Keys - dummies

By Dan Gookin

Part of Laptops For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You laptop has lots of special Fn key combinations. Look on your laptop’s keyboard to match the Fn key with its various functions. Those other keys are color-coded with the Fn key. Their function may be marked with text or an icon. Write down the appropriate Fn key combination in this list:

    To activate Num Lock:     Fn + ________

    Volume Up:     Fn + ________

    Volume Down:     Fn +  ________   

    Mute:     Fn +  ________

    Activate external monitor:     Fn +  ________

    Hibernate:     Fn +  ________

    Standby:     Fn +  ________   

    Monitor brightness:     Fn +  ________   

    Monitor contrast:     Fn +  ________