How to Remove External Storage from Your PC - dummies

How to Remove External Storage from Your PC

Although you can easily unplug any USB device from your computer at any time, don’t just unplug an external storage device. Because the computer may be using the external storage, remove the external drive logically before you remove it physically.

1Open the Computer window on your PC.

Double-click the Computer icon on the desktop, or open the Start menu and choose Computer.

2Right-click the external storage device's icon.

A pop-up menu appears.

3From the pop-up menu, select Safely Remove.

Windows displays a message (in the Notification Area), informing you that the device can be safely removed. If you see an error message, the disk drive is either busy or being used. You have to wait and try again.

4Unplug or detach the external storage device.

Yes, it’s now safe to remove the external device.