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Common Fn Key Combos for Your Laptop

By Dan Gookin

Most laptops feature an Fn key. It’s the fun key, although Fn most likely stands for Function — but not the traditional computer keyboard function keys. On a laptop, the Fn key is used in combination with other keys to access special features. In a way, the Fn key combinations save the laptop from having an inordinate number of buttons and knobs, which is always a good thing.

Here’s a list of things the Fn key may do in combination with other keys on your laptop’s keyboard:

  • Turn the laptop’s speaker volume up and down

  • Mute the laptop’s speaker

  • Increase or decrease the screen brightness or contrast

  • Activate an external monitor for giving a presentation

  • Initiate Sleep mode

  • Hibernate the laptop

  • Eject an optical disc

  • Enable or disable the wireless networking adapter or enter Airplane Mode

  • Play, stop, pause, rewind, and advance media playing

  • Turn on the laptop’s webcam

  • Perform other special and specific tricks unique to the laptop