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Manage Appointments in Calendar on Your Windows 8 Tablet

By Andy Rathbone

If you manage your appointments on Google’s online Calendar or one of Microsoft’s accounts, you’re in luck: Windows 8’s Calendar app on your tablet will harvest that information automatically, just like the People app. The Calendar app also picks up any birthdays it finds on Facebook.

Then it neatly packages all the past, present, and future activity into the Calendar app.


Don’t keep your appointments online? Then you’ll need to add everything by hand. Even if your appointments are online, you occasionally need to edit old entries, add new ones, or delete ones that conflict with new engagements.

To add an appointment to your Calendar app, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Calendar tile on the Start screen.

    The Calendar appears.

  2. Open the App bar and tap the New icon.

    Slide your finger up from the screen’s bottom edge to reveal the App bar and its icons, including the New icon for creating new appointments.

  3. Fill out the Details form.

    Most of the choices are pretty easy to figure out: Date, Time, Duration, Title, and Message — a space where you can add notes about what to bring to the potluck.


    The Calendar app will send your appointment to your online calendar, as well, if you have one. To see your options, tap the downward-pointing arrow next to your calendar’s name in the top left corner. A menu appears, letting you choose which online calendar should receive the appointment.

    Android phone owners should choose their Google account, so their appointment also appears on their phone. Microsoft phone owners, of course, should choose their Microsoft account.

    Microsoft’s apps don’t coordinate well with Apple’s online products. But Apple people all own iPads, anyway.

  4. Tap the Save button.

    The Calendar app adds your new appointment to your tablet’s Calendar, as well as to the calendar of the online account you chose in Step 3.

When browsing the Calendar app, these tips will help you find your way around:


  • The Calendar opens to show the view it last displayed, be it day, week, or month. To switch to other views, slide your finger up from the screen’s bottom edge to fetch the App bar. Then tap one of the buttons: Day, Week, or Month.


  • To delete an appointment, open it from the Calendar. Then tap the Delete button in the appointment’s upper-right corner.


  • To edit an appointment, simply open it with a tap on its entry in the Calendar app. Make your changes, and save your edits with a tap on the Save icon.

  • When browsing the Calendar app, flip through the appointments by flipping your finger across the calendar as though you were paging through a book. Slide your finger to the left to move forward in time; slide to the right to move backward.


  • To jump immediately to the current date, slide your finger up from the bottom to fetch the App bar; then tap Today.