For Seniors: Using a Family Photo for the Windows 8.1 Lock Screen Background - dummies

For Seniors: Using a Family Photo for the Windows 8.1 Lock Screen Background

By Peter Weverka, Mark Justice Hinton

When you turn on a computer that runs Windows 8.1, the lock screen is the first thing you see. So, why not make your day a little brighter by putting the photo of a loved one on the lock screen? You can put a photo from your last vacation or any photo that you’ve stored in your Pictures folder on the lock screen.


Follow these steps to put a personal photo on the lock screen:

  1. On the Start screen, display the charms bar. You can display the charms bar using these techniques:

    • Mouse: Place the mouse pointer in the lower-right corner of the screen and move the pointer up.

    • Touchscreen: Drag your finger from the right edge of the screen to the left.

    • Keyboard: Press the Windows key+C.

  2. Choose Settings on the charms bar. The Settings panel appears.

  3. Choose Change PC Settings. The PC Settings screen opens.

  4. Select the lock screen preview (the image that shows you what the lock screen currently looks like). The screen changes names to PC and Devices.


  5. Select the Browse button. The Photos app opens so you can select a photo. The photos you see are located in your Pictures folder.


  6. Select a photo.

  7. Select the Choose Image button. You return to the PC and Devices screen, where the photo you selected appears under Lock Screen Preview.


If you change your mind about putting a photo on the lock screen, return to the PC and Devices screen (if you aren’t already there) and either select the Browse button to select a different photo or select one of the lock screen tiles on the PC and Devices screen.