Running Windows 7 for the First Time - dummies

Running Windows 7 for the First Time

By Andy Rathbone

If you’re running Windows 7 for the first time, click the Start button and click Getting Started to visit the Welcome Center. The Welcome Center covers just about everything you need to get Windows 7 up and running the way you want it. You can work your way through the following buttons to customize your PC:

  • Go Online to Find Out What’s New in Windows 7: This button takes you online to a variety of tutorial videos that introduce you to the new features in Windows 7.

  • Personalize Windows: Head here to splash a new photo across your desktop, change colors, or tweak your monitor.

  • Transfer Files and Settings From Another Computer: This helpful area lets you lug all your old PC’s files and settings to your new one.

  • Use a Homegroup to Share with Other Computers in Your Home: In Windows 7, the new Homegroups offer a simpler way to share information between PCs in a home.

  • Choose When to be Notified about Changes to Your Computer: Windows Vista owners should drop by here. It lets you adjust how much your PC should nag you when potentially unsafe situations arise.

  • Go Online to Get Windows Live Essentials: Windows 7 no longer includes an e-mail program, Calendar, photo-editing tools, or movie-editing program. Instead, Microsoft wants you to download its new Windows Live suite of replacement programs.

  • Back Up Your Files: Computers can trash your work faster than you can create it, so be sure to protect it.

  • Add New Users to Your Computer: Click here to set up accounts on your PC. This area also lets you control what your kids (or roommates) can do on your PC.

  • Change the Size of the Text on Your Screen: A boon for the baby boomers, this quick fix helps avoid eyestrain from tiny text.

To see more information about any of these tasks, click the button once. Or double-click a button to move directly to that particular chore.