How to Pin Taskbar Items to the Start Menu in Windows 7 - dummies

How to Pin Taskbar Items to the Start Menu in Windows 7

By Andy Rathbone

Part of the Windows 7 redesign is to have the taskbar as your primary quick launch location for your programs. But you don’t have to leave it that way. You can pin taskbar items back to the Start menu if you prefer to launch your programs, files, or folders from there.

Normally to pin an item on the taskbar, you just need to right-click the program’s icon and choose Pin to the Start Menu, but this option is missing when you right-click a taskbar icon. Instead, you see the Jump List and other unhelpful choices, such as Unpin This Program from the Taskbar.

To move a taskbar shortcut to the Start menu, open the taskbar’s folder in Windows Explorer and pin the program icons from there. Click Start→Computer and navigate to c:users<your name>AppDataRoamingMicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick LaunchUser PinnedTaskbar.

You can simply type the taskbars pathname into the address bar of the Computer window.

This folder holds all the programs pinned to the taskbar. Pick the program that you want to stick on the Start menu, right-click it, and choose Pin to Start Menu. The program shows up at the bottom of the Pin List, which is in the upper-left corner of the Start menu.