How to Share Files and Folders and Customize Permissions in OneDrive

By Ciprian Adrian Rusen

If you want more control over how you share a file or folder via OneDrive, you can use the OneDrive website to invite one or more people to the shared item. In addition, you can set their permissions (view or edit) and select whether they need to sign in with a Microsoft account before accessing your shared item.

Here’s how to use OneDrive’s more advanced sharing options:

  1. Open OneDrive.

  2. Browse to the OneDrive file or folder that you want to share.

  3. Right-click the file or folder that you want to share.

    The right-click menu appears.

  4. In the menu that appears, click More OneDrive Sharing Options.

    The OneDrive website is loaded into your favorite web browser.

  5. Type the email address of the intended person and then type your message.

  6. Click Recipients Can Edit.

    Two selection lists are shown.

  7. In the first selection list, select the permissions that you want to assign to that person (edit or view).

  8. In the second selection list, select whether the recipient(s) needs a Microsoft account to sign in.

  9. Click Share.

    The selected item is shared.

  10. Click Close.

    Sharing files on the website.
    Sharing files on the website.