How to Set the AutoPlay Defaults for Media and Devices in Windows 10

By Ciprian Adrian Rusen

In Windows 10, you can set the AutoPlay defaults for media and devices. For example, you can set what happens each time you plug in a removable drive like a USB memory stick or a USB external hard disk. You can also set AutoPlay defaults for devices like memory cards and smartphones, such as the Windows 10 Mobile smartphone that you may have received at work.

Here’s how to change the AutoPlay defaults in Windows 10, for your media and devices:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Click Devices.

    The settings related to devices are shown.

  3. Click AutoPlay.

    Your AutoPlay settings are shown.

  4. To turn on AutoPlay for Media and Devices, set the AutoPlay switch to On.

  5. Click the Removable Drive down-pointing arrow.

    A drop-down list appears with several possible actions.

  6. From the list, select the default action that you want Windows 10 to perform each time you connect removable drives to your computer.

  7. Do the same for the other types of devices that you’re interested in.

  8. Close Settings.

    How to set AutoPlay for media and devices.
    How to set AutoPlay for media and devices.

The number of AutoPlay settings differs among computers depending on the number of devices installed on them. So you may not have the same number of AutoPlay defaults.