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Using iDVD’s Lesser Features

iDVD is a program for authoring, or designing, a DVD. Apple iDVD works well with iMovie (and also with iTunes and iPhoto). Using iDVD, you can alter DVD buttons, edit in Map view, utilize OneStep DVD, and even automate the process using Magic iDVD. Those tasks are all in addition to creating a slideshow and adding a theme to your DVD.

  • Altering buttons: DVD buttons are meant to fit a particular theme. But if your ideas clash with Apple’s, you can change the look of buttons by clicking the Buttons button. Buttons come in different shapes and sizes and customizable colors. Buttons can be text-only or display video. A movie button is created when you drag a movie from the Media pane onto the DVD menu screen.

  • Map view editing: Click the Map button at the bottom of the screen to switch to iDVD’s Map view, sort of a bird’s-eye view of your project. You can quickly see how menus and buttons are laid out and connected to one another. To jump to a particular scene, double-click the chart.

  • OneStep DVD: OneStep DVD automatically rewinds the tape, imports your video, and burns it to a DVD. (You set up OneStep DVD when you first opened iDVD.) To use OneStep DVD, connect your digital camcorder using FireWire, set the camcorder to VCR mode, click OK, and insert a blank disc.

  • Making a Magic iDVD: When you create a Magic iDVD, you choose a theme and drop the movies and photos you want included onto strips in the main iDVD window. iDVD takes charge from there, adding a main menu with buttons for your flick, slideshows, and so on. Drop zones are autofilled with your stuff. You can edit the Magic iDVD before going on to burn the project to a disc.