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Third-Party Software Options to Help Troubleshoot Your Mac

By Edward C. Baig

For all the fine troubleshooting tools included on a Mac, you may at times want to look to outside software. Here are some programs that may bail you out of a jam or help with routine maintenance (prices and version numbers subject to change):

  • Alsoft DiskWarrior 4 : A $100 repair utility that warns you of impending drive failure and helps you repair damaged directories (some of which Disk Utility says it can’t fix). Check to make sure that DiskWarrior is compatible with your model and OS release.

  • Cocktail : A general-purpose utility from Maintain that offers a mix of maintenance and interface tweaks. A license for a single computer costs $19, though it can sometimes be found discounted as low as $14. You can try it before buying.

  • OnyX for Mac OS X: A free downloadable program from Titanium Software that can run a variety of maintenance tasks.

  • Prosoft Engineering’s Data Rescue 3: A $99 program designed to help you recover files from a corrupt hard drive.

  • TechtoolPro 7: A $100 problem solver from Micromat. Apple must be fond of Techtool Pro, because it made some versions available as part of AppleCare.