How to Start an Audio Chat on Your Mac

By Mark L. Chambers

If the green phone icon appears next to both your name and your buddy’s name in the Buddy List, you can enjoy a two-way audio (or voice) chat on your Mac using an AOL, Yahoo!, Jabber, Google, or Bonjour connection.

If your Mac has a microphone hooked up, but you don’t see the phone icon, choose Messages→Video and make sure that the Audio Chat Enabled menu item is checked.

  1. Select that person in the Buddy List.
  2. Click the Start an Audio Chat button at the bottom of the Buddies window, which bears a telephone icon. An Audio Chat window opens with a Waiting for Reply message.
  3. After your buddy accepts your invitation, begin speaking. (You don’t need to press a button to speak; just talk normally into the microphone.)
    • To change the volume of your outgoing audio, drag the volume slider in the Audio Chat window to the left or right.
    • To change the volume of your buddy’s voice, drag the volume slider below that name in the Audio Chat window to the left or right.

      If you’re not hearing any audio after adjusting the volume, make sure that your speakers are on and that your Mac’s sound isn’t muted.

  4. To end your audio chat, click the red Close button in the top-left corner of the Audio Chat window.