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Software Applications for Your Mac Snow Leopard Network

By Mark L. Chambers

After you have the hardware in place for your Mac Snow Leopard network, and you’ve chosen and configured a protocol to allow the computers to all talk to one another, you need software to make use of your new network connections. Time for some good news: A lot of the software that you need to move data on your network is included already in Mac OS X! Here are brief descriptions of some of the network software and protocols already built into Mac OS X and what they’re used for:

  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol (FTP), part of the TCP/IP protocol suite, allows computers of any type — Mac, PC, Linux, UNIX, mainframe, or whatever — to transfer files back and forth.

  • Telnet: Telnet is also part of the TCP/IP suite — you can use it to remotely connect to a computer and execute commands on the remote machine.

  • Samba: Samba (or SMB) is an open source software suite that enables Mac OS X users to share files with people using Windows computers and allows the Mac users to connect to files that the Windows computers share.

  • HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), also part of the TCP/IP suite, is used by Web browsers to provide access to all the various pages on the World Wide Web.