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Make Sure Your Mac Plays Nice with Microsoft Exchange

By Edward C. Baig

Microsoft Exchange e-mail is prevalent in business. Apple has widened its support for (and simplified setting up) Exchange e-mail accounts, the type you typically use for work. And you’ll not only have access to your Exchange mail, but also the work contacts, calendar appointments, tasks (to-dos), and notes you keep in the Exchange environment.

If your company uses Exchange Server 2007 or later and enables the autodiscovery feature, all you’ll need to do in setting up Exchange on a Mac with Snow Leopard or later is to present your username and password. OS X handles the rest.


If autodiscovery is not turned on or if your company employs an older Exchange server, the road to setup is only slightly more complicated, and the required settings will differ somewhat.

You’ll have to request some of the settings from your company. Some companies are stickier than others about the freedom they give you in setting up e-mail accounts on personal computers you use outside the office.