Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac OS X Snow Leopard - dummies

Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

By Mark L. Chambers

Virtually all Mac OS X applications have their own keyboard shortcuts that perform the same operation as a menu command or toolbar button. Although the mouse might seem the easier path when controlling your Mac, it’s not always the fastest. Those who learn common keyboard shortcuts can zip through a spreadsheet or warp through a complex outline at speeds that no mere rodent-wrangler could ever hope to attain.

The most common keyboard shortcuts for the Big X are shown in the following table.

Common Mac OS X Snow Leopard Keyboard Shortcuts
Combination Key Action Location
Command+A Selects all (works in the Finder, too) Edit menu
Command+C Copies the highlighted item to the Clipboard Edit menu
Command+H Hides the application Application menu
Command+M Minimizes the active window to the Dock (works in the Finder,
Window menu
Command+O Opens an existing document, file, or folder (works in the
Finder, too)
File menu
Command+P Prints the current document File menu
Command+Q Exits the application Application menu
Command+V Pastes the contents of the Clipboard at the current cursor
Edit menu
Command+X Cuts the highlighted item to the Clipboard Edit menu
Command+Z Reverses the effect of the last action you took Edit menu
Command+? Displays the Help system (works in the Finder, too) Help menu
Command+Tab Switches between open applications Finder
Command+Option+M Minimizes all Finder windows to the Dock Finder
Command+Option+W Closes all Finder windows Finder