How to Install a USB Scanner on Your Mac - dummies

How to Install a USB Scanner on Your Mac

By Mark L. Chambers

A scanner is an external hardware device that you use to import (copy) images to your Mac and “read” text from a page into a Pages or Word file. With a scanner connected to your Mac, you can use the combination of your scanner and printer as a copy machine (with software provided by the manufacturer). If you have a multifunction “all-in-one” printer that scans and faxes as well, you can also perform copy machine and fax machine magic.

Here’s just how easy it is to hook up a scanner. As long as your scanner supports OS X El Capitan, plug the USB cable from your scanner into one of the USB ports on your Mac (shown in the margin here). Then load the installation CD (or download the software from the manufacturer’s website). After you load the disc and the CD window appears (or the software has been downloaded), double-click the Setup or Install application.

After you install your scanner, refer to the user guide for more information on the applications included by the manufacturer. Often, the manual (or a shortcut to it) is saved to your Desktop.

Although the scanning program you run (and any buttons you press on the scanner) are different for every scanner, the basic process for scanning a paper photo or document is the same: Load the original into the machine, run the manufacturer’s scanning program, and specify where you want to save the final scanned file. Note that some scanners act like copy machines (you raise the lid to place the original), and others are sheet-fed (like traditional fax machines).