How to Install New Widget Games from Apple on Your Mac - dummies

How to Install New Widget Games from Apple on Your Mac

By Mark L. Chambers

Looking for a new gaming challenge for the Dashboard of your Mac? No problem. Apple offers additional game widgets that you can download from Apple. Third-party software developers also provide both freeware and shareware widget games. When the download is complete, El Capitan automatically prompts you for confirmation before installing the new widget.

To download a new game and add it to your Dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Display your Dashboard by pressing the Dashboard function key.
  2. Click the Add button (which bears a plus sign, naturally) in the lower-left corner of the Dashboard screen; then click the More Widgets button that appears. El Capitan opens the Widget Download screen, using your Safari web browser.
  3. Browse the different widget categories until you’ve located a widget you’d like to add to your Dashboard.
  4. Click the Download link. The Widget Installer prompts you for confirmation before the widget is added to your available widgets.
  5. Click the new icon in the list of available widgets. El Capitan adds it to your Dashboard screen.

Don’t forget to set any options that your new game offers; look for a tiny circle with a lowercase letter i. Click this information icon, and you can set the options that are available for the game.