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Things to Buy for Your New iMac

By Mark L. Chambers

No man is an island, and no computer is, either. Whether you have a new iMac or PC, the following extras and supplies help keep your new computer clean and healthy (and some make sure you’re happy as well):

  • Surge suppressor or uninterruptible power supply (UPS): Even an all-in-one computer like your iMac can fall prey to a power surge. Look into getting one of these:

    • A basic surge suppressor with a fuse can help protect your iMac from an overload.

    • A UPS costs a little more, but it does a better job of filtering your AC line voltage to prevent brownouts or line interference from reaching your computer.

      A UPS also provides a few minutes of battery power during a blackout so that you can save your documents and safely shut down your iMac.

  • Screen wipes: Invest in a box of premoistened screen wipes. Your iMac’s screen can pick up dirt, fingerprints, and other unmentionables faster than you think.

    Make sure your wipes are especially meant for flat-panel monitors or laptop computer screens.

  • Blank CDs and DVDs: Most folks still consider an optical drive important, so if you’ll miss watching DVD movies and importing/recording audio CDs, you’ve probably already bought one. Depending on the type of media you’re recording — like computer data CDs, DVD movies, or audio CDs — you’ll want blank discs for

    • CD-R (record once)

    • CD-RW (record multiple times)

    • DVD-R (record once)

    • DVD-RW (record multiple times)

  • Cables: Depending on the external devices and wired network connectivity you’ll be using, these are

    • A standard Ethernet cable (for wired networks or high-speed Internet)

    • Thunderbolt or USB cables for devices you already have

      Most hardware manufacturers are nice enough to include a cable with their products, but there are exceptions, especially USB printers.

  • A wrist rest for both your keyboard and mouse: You might have many reasons to buy a new iMac, but a bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome is not one of them. Take care of your wrists by adding a keyboard and mouse rest (even for a wireless keyboard/mouse combo, even on a TV tray).