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What You Need to Know about Upgrading the Internal Hard Drive on Your iMac

By Mark L. Chambers

If you decide that you absolutely have to upgrade your existing internal hard drive — or if your internal drive fails and needs to be replaced — you must take your iMac to an authorized Apple Service Center and allow the techs there to sell you a drive and make the swap. Here are four darned good reasons why:

  • Warranty: You’ll void your iMac’s warranty by attempting a drive upgrade yourself.
  • Selection: If you’re worried about picking the proper drive, an Apple technician can order the right drive type and size for you … no worries.
  • Difficulty: Swapping a hard drive in your iMac is nothing like adding RAM modules. It’s complex and involves breaking into your iMac — not A Good Thing, even for the knowledgeable Mac guru.
  • Backup: That very same Apple service technician can back up all the data on your existing drive and move it to the new drive, saving you from losing a single document. That will save you time and possible angst.

To those who truly won’t be satisfied with their lives until they upgrade an internal drive in an iMac: You can probably find a magazine article that purports to show you how. Even better, there are many how-to articles on the web that will lead you down a rosy path to a hard drive upgrade. Just remember this: You’re walking into a field of land mines with someone else’s map, so you had better have complete faith in your tech skills. (And a darn good backup.)